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  • JR Propo 28X G712X DMSS Dedicated 28X Transmitter with Xbus 7ch Receiver Set (CALL FOR INQUIRY)

JR Propo 28X G712X DMSS Dedicated 28X Transmitter with Xbus 7ch Receiver Set (CALL FOR INQUIRY)


Finally emerging after a long seven year silence!
The 28X solves the ultimate problems. The 28X enables pilots to perform as they dreamed.
The 28X performs the impossible for competitive pilots.
The 28X is the ultimate in JR technology.
The 28X follows your instincts – when you use this transmitter, you will know you have in your hands the next generation of transmitter.

High prescision metal frame & full metal gimbals

Aluminum diecast internal frame structure and full metal gimbals gives great stability as well as comfort in your palms. The gimblas are fully adjustable – stick travel, stick height, and also adjustable mechanical travel limitters on each axis.

Many advanced features gives a decisive advantage above the competition

The transmitter software is based around the Android OS. Not only are all the usual programming features available such as dual rates and exponential, mixing programs, etc, but also many new functions have been included.

Touch panel color LCD
A 480X272 dot 4.3inch WQVGA-TFT display gives great contrast and readability. The touch screen is convenient for inputting data, allowing easy programming of even complex functions.

Modular switch system
The shoulder switches can be replaced as required. Toggle switch and other switch types can be moved and replaced with many options available. Pilots can fit the switch selection they require.

Dual CPU
Two CPU systems seprate the Andorid OS control input functions and the RF section of the transmitter. Even if the Android OS crashes, transmitter function and RF output is unchanged.

SD card slot
A SD card slot allows model data to be backed up. Further, pictures on the SD card can be used as wallpapeer on teh screen. The 28X can also play music from the card while you are flying.

[The receiver comes with set] RG712BX [03597]

DMSS Serial Communication System XBus Special page


  • Radio : NET-T1128G (Mutual function between Airplane and Helicopter)
  • Receivers : RG712BX
  • Power source : 2L3200 (LiIon)
    * 28X capable to add an extra battery in the compartment.
  • AC/DC adaptor : NEC-A1530
  • Bind Pulg
  • Transmitter Case for 28X


  • SYSTEM : DMSS/Computer Mixing
  • FREQUENCY : 2.4GHz
  • Number of channel : 28 channel
  • Weight : 1250g (Not includes battery)