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NGH have been known for producing high-quality gasoline engines. GT9-Pro engine is a professional-grade small two-stroke gasoline engine built by NGH engineers for RC enthusiasts, beautiful appearance, light weight, stable performance and plenty of power! 


GT9-Pro is the second generation of GT9 engine, with more surging power, good stability and easy start. GT9-Pro is specially designed for RC beginners and is very suitable for 40-52 level exercise machines. Safe use will bring you a pleasant flying experience.


The carburetor interface is insulated from the body by Teflon, which is easy for the engine’s hot start. The internal diaphragm pump of the carburetor is driven by the cylinder block, which can provide sufficient fuel whatever the attitude of the aircraft and regardless of the tank position. Using the integral bronze connecting rod, when completely running in of the engine, the bronze connecting rod will be more durable, and the wear resistance and durability are far exceed to high-quality needle roller connecting rod. The cylinder liner is made of wear-resistant nodular cast iron, the tolerance of the bore in the cylinder is within 0.01mm, and the precision is much higher than the roundness tolerance of the inner hole of the aluminum alloy chrome-plated cylinder liner 0.03mm, aluminum alloy plating chromium cylinder liner in principle does not meet the Eu environmental regulations. The engine intake system adopts the crankshaft intake mode, which is more accurate than the reed valve intake mode in opening and closing time. Because the spring delay of the reed itself is different from the negative pressure of the crankcase, the intake time is not accurate.


GT9-Pro Features:

*The smallest gasoline engine in its class, which can replace the 40-52 level methanol engine

*Small and compact, high power

* Robust overall bronze connecting rod

*Special carburetor, specially designed for NGH GT9-Pro

*RCEXL auto-advance micro-ignition system specially made for NGH

*High-quality bearings


Exhaust Size:

Exhaust size:长沙光华航空科技有限公司

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