Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 50A ESC

Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 50A ESC
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Phoenix Ice brings the ability to run at input voltages of up to 8S* (33.6)
and use the built in switching BEC to output up to 5 amps of servo power all the way up to the 8S max*!

Switching BEC
The Phoenix Ice switching BEC output is factory set to 5.0V.
Users may use Castle Link to select their desired voltage between 5.0V and 7.0V, in 0.1V increments.

Data Logging
Ice brings another incredibly useful feature, extensive data logging capabilities.
The controllers are able to measure and record many parameters at sample rates
that you choose between 10 samples per second and 1 sample per second. Data points include:

  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Ripple
  • Battery Current
  • Controller Temperature
  • Controller Input Throttle
  • Controller Motor Power Output
  • Motor RPM

This data is stored directly in the controller and may be accessed once the run is over using the Castle Link USB adapter
(sold separately) and Castle Link software (available free at The Max Log Size is 21,504 bytes,
everything takes one byte except for motor rpm which takes two.

  • Logging 'Battery Current' at only a 1 sample / second - 358 minutes of logging time (almost 6 hrs)
  • Logging 'Motor RPM' at only 1 sample / second - 179 minutes of logging time
  • Logging everything at only 1 sample / second - 44 minutes of logging time
  • Logging everything at 10 samples / second - 4 minutes and 28 seconds


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