Bantam e-Station BC8DP AC/DC Lipo Charger

Bantam e-Station BC8DP AC/DC Lipo Charger
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Operating Software :
The operating program in this charger is executed with mutual links and communications with every component to prevent any possible error, so it introduces the maximum safety. Especially, the charging algorithm is so multifarious that you can select the best program to suit your requirement. And BC8DP has a large LCD for showing various information including charge/discharge graphs during the process.

Dual Input Power :
BC8DP employs the circuit that can be operated at AC(Alternating Current) or DC(Direct Current) input power. For AC input, the charger contains a AC-DC switching power supplier inside, which has 10A of power capacity and maximum output power of 120watts for charging. As a result, it can charge up to 22 cells of NiCd/NiMH and 8 series of Lithium batteries. When you use DC input power, the circuit power will be increased to 180watts. But there might be the limit of feeding current to a higher voltage of battery.

Individual voltage balancer for Lithium batteries inside :
BC8DP has an individual-cell-voltage balancer inside. So it does not need any balancer separately when charging Lithium batteries (LiIo/LiPo/LiFe) for individual voltage balancing.

Monitor the individual voltages on discharge :
BC8DP will monitor the individual voltages of the Lithium battery pack during discharge process as well as ÔFASTÕ and ÔSTORAGEÕ mode. If the voltage of any one cell varies abnormally, the process will be stopped with the error message.

Maximum safety Delta-peak sensitivity :
The automatic charge termination program works on the principle of the Delta-peak voltage detection. (NiCd/NiMH)

Auto-charge current limit :
When charging NiCd or NiMH at 'AUTO' current mode, you can set the upper limit of charge current to avoid from feeding high current to the battery. This is very useful when charging the low impedance and small capacity NiMH battery in 'AUTO' mode.

Capacity limit :
The charging capacity always calculated by multiple of the charging current and time. If the charging capacity exceeds the limit the process will be terminated automatically when you set the maximum value.

Temperature limit :
The temperature of the battery on charging or discharging will be raised by its internal chemical reaction. If you set the limit of temperature the process will be expired forcibly when the limit has been reached.

Processing time limit :
You can also restrain the maximum processing time to prevent any possible defect.

Cyclic charging/discharging :
Perform 1 to 10 cycles of charge>discharge or discharge>charge continually for battery refreshing and balancing.

PC based analysis using USB communication :
For the technical expert, BC8DP offers PC based program can analysis the characteristic of the battery via USB port. It shows a graph of voltage, current, capacity and temperature curves. It also shows the individual voltage of each cell in the Lithium battery pack.

Operating Voltage DC: 11-18.0V
AC: 100-240V, 50/6-Hz
For Max. Power 21A at 12V
17A at 15V
14A at 18V
Circuit Power (charge/discharge) 100W/25W at AC input
200W/25W at DC input
Number of LiPo/LiFe/LiIon Cells 1-8 cells
Number of NiCad/NiMH Cells 1-22 cells
Pb Voltage 2-29V
Discharge Amps 0.1 to 5A (adjustable, 0.1V increments)
Charge Amps 0.1 to 10A (adjustable, 0.1V increments)
Number of Cycles 1 to 10 times (not available for Lixx)
Battery Data Memory Up to 5 data per program
Battery Capacity Range 100 to 65000mAh
Trickle Charge Current Off, 50 to 300mA (adjustable)
Current Drain at Balancer 200mA/cell
Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 170 x 170 x 75 mm


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