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Scorpion Portable USB Charger

Scorpion Portable USB Charger
Product Code: P-USB-CHARGER
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Usage : To charge any USB device with using LiPo batteries OR other power source

Input : 2S to 6S LiPo batteries OR other power source from 6V up to 26V

Output : 5V, 2 Amps

Features :

* Auto power on

* Auto detect LiPo cell count

* Auto Protection : Overload and short circuit protection (Output)

* Build-in temperature sensor protection (70°c)

* Wrong input polarity protection

* 3 charging mode selection with LED indication:

Mode 1) Stop charging if any LiPo cell under 3.3V

Mode 2) Stop charging if any LiPo cell under 3.8V

Mode 3) Using other power source

(no LiPo battery voltage protection / no LiPo cells detection

*Caution: Suggest use original charging cable to charge the electronic appliances. Always disconnect power source after device fully charged. Not to use LiPo battery in mode 3, battery will continues discharge without protection. Battery may over discharge cause explosion. Charger heat sink temperature could heat up to 70°C.

User Guide for Scorpion Portable USB Charger V01.pdf


Size (78mm x 25mm x 17mm)
LiPo input 2S~6S
USB output 5V/2000mAh
Other power source input voltage from DC 6V to 26V
Cell Check  
Battery discharge protection Mode 1 ~3.3V or Mode 2 ~3.8V per cell

Weight including packaging


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