Prop & Back-Plate Drill Jigs for DA100&150 \ DLE111 \ 3W50-170 \ TMM53-106

Prop & Back-Plate Drill Jigs for DA100&150 \ DLE111 \ 3W50-170 \ TMM53-106
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* Prop & Back-Plate Drill Jigs for DA100&150 \ DLE111 \ 3W50-170 \ TMM53-106
* Ensures straight drilling of propeller and spinner back plates.
* Knurled O.D. which makes it easier for fixture removable.
* Please choose the right size of drill before you fix the jig on to your propeller.

* 5mm drill is used for drilling propeller of the following DA100 & 150 \ DLE111 \ 3W50-170 \ TMM53-106  

*Note*: It is best to drill propeller from the back face. Back out drill several times as you go to clear wood from the bit to ensure a smooth, accurate hole. Do not force the bit through the prop. Place bolt in first hole after drilling to help with alignment when drilling other holes. Please always orientate the prop with blade tips at 9 & 3 o'clock or horizontal to the ground with the compression stroke before drill. In case of dead stick landings this can save your prop and your airframe.



SKU DJ-111-100
Brand N/A
Weight(g) 253.00
Length 105.00
Width 27.00
Height 100.00


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