Futaba 6K V2 8-Channel S-FHSS/T-FHSS Air System

Futaba 6K V2 8-Channel S-FHSS/T-FHSS Air System
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Updated Version 2 offers 8 channels of control!

To get the most radio for your money, check out the new 6K — an easy-to-program flight system with versatile functions that include telemetry, S.Bus/S.Bus2 compatibility and 30 model memory. With Version 2 updates, it's now a better value than ever. The NEW 6K is an 8-channel system with additional telemetry functions, expanded multicopter flight modes and much more.
New in the 6K Version 2:

Two additional channels :
  • Channels 7/8 are used through the R3006SB receiver's S.Bus/S.Bus2 ports
  • Allow for expansions or adding accessories
  • Can be assigned to any of the four switches or VR dial
  • Are included in Sub Trims, End Points, Reverse, Failsafe, Servo Monitor and Trainer
Expanded Flight Modes (Fly Mod) in multicopter programming :
  • Priority — five flight modes on four channels
  • Matrix — nine flight modes on four channels
Vibration alerts with timer functions and Throttle Integrate
SBS-01C current sensor and SBS-01V voltage sensor compatible
  • S-FHSS/T-FHSS selectable
  • Telemetry system (T-FHSS) sensors provide pertinent data on receiver battery voltage, external voltage, temperature, RPM, altitude and variometer
  • S.Bus/S.Bus2 servo setting functions programmable through the transmitter
  • 30 model memory
  • Model naming up to 8 characters
  • Programmable mixing for airplanes, helicopters, glider and multi-rotors
  • Digital trims with variable step settings
  • Switch/VR position change and AUX channel function change
  • Throttle position warning
  • Software is updateable through the CIU-2
  • 128x64 DOT backlit LCD screen with adjustable display contrast
  • Alarms can be preset to vibration mode
  • Conveniently located Earphone/Trainer/S.Bus jacks
  • Adjustable stick length and tension
  • The R3006SB receiver can use S.Bus as the main link/communication to the servos or a combination of S.Bus and the conventional outputs together

Futaba R3006SB S.Bus2 6Ch T-FHSS Telemetry Receiver
The included R3006SB receiver has six standard PWM ports plus S.Bus and S.Bus2 ports. You can use S.Bus as the main link to your servos or a combination of the ports. The S.Bus2 port allows bi-directional communication with T-FHSS Futaba air transmitters and the use of a wide array of telemetry sensors.

Futaba 6K 8-Channel Air Computer System w/R3006SB Receiver - Navigation
Program navigation is easy and intuitive with the jog dial, +/- pads and end pad.
Futaba 6K 8-Channel Air Computer System w/R3006SB Receiver - Antenna
The 6K is a full-range system. Its antenna is inside the transmitter case for safety and convenient handling.
Futaba 6K 8-Channel Air Computer System w/R3006SB Receiver - Dial
This variable rate dial can be programmed for a variety of functions. A speaker provides audible alerts and cues for navigating the programming menus.
Futaba 6K 8-Channel Air Computer System w/R3006SB Receiver - Switches
Four assignable switches (three 3-position and one 2-position) offer maximum flexibility.
Futaba 6K 8-Channel Air Computer System w/R3006SB Receiver - Programming
6K Version 2.01 multicopter programming has been expanded with five Priority and nine Matrix flight conditions.
Futaba 6K 8-Channel Air Computer System w/R3006SB Receiver - Flight Conditions
The nine Matrix flight conditions can be used to set up a tilt camera by assigning nine settings to two 3-position switches.
Futaba External Voltage Telemetry Sensor
Futaba SBS-01C Current Telemetry Sensor
Using an SBS-01V External Voltage Telemetry Sensor and SBS-01C Current Telemetry Sensor, the 6K collects real time telemetry data for motor current, battery voltage and capacity. (not included)


Transmitting Frequency : 2.4GHz band
System : T-FHSS Air, S-FHSS switchable
Power Supply : Four AA batteries
Power Requirement : 4.8V~7.4V battery or regulated output from ESC
Size : 1.7 x 0.98 x 0.35 " (43.1 x 25.0 x 8.8 mm)
Weight : 0.3 oz. (8.5g)
Battery : F/S Voltage

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