Skookum Robotics SK540 Flybarless System

Skookum Robotics SK540 Flybarless System
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The SK 540 is our next-generation flybarless system, ready for any pilots wanting no-frills, rock  solid flybarless control.  The SK 540 features 3D Masters podium-proven flight control, dual 3-axis MEMS gyros, and an integrated governor.  Whether you’re new to helis or you’re already flying smack 3D, the SK 540 is ready for you!

What’s new with the SK 540?

The SK 540 was developed in response to SK 720 pilots who loved the unit’s flybarless control, but didn’t feel the need for the self levelling function or GPS capability.  As a result, we took the accelerometers out of the SK 720, included two all-new 3-axis MEMS gyros and a new 32-bit processor, then packaged it in a brand new anodized and laser etched aluminum case. The SK 540 also loses the need for the SK-SB1 SBus adapter – SBus receivers can be directly connected to a port on the SK 540?s servo bus.

Fast Performance

The SK 540 inherits the high performance flight control from its big brother, the SK 720.  Like the 720, the SK 540 integrates the yaw and cyclic gyros, giving rock-solid piro maneuvers and tail control that benefits from knowing what the collective stick is doing.  For pilots looking for lightning fast piros, the SK540 is capable of 3 full rotations in one second!

Easy Setup

The Setup Wizards from the SK 720 have carried over to the SK 540 as well.  These wizards will guide you through simple steps, having your heli ready to fly in no time.  Have a favourite SK 720 setup?  The SK 540 can load it directly onto the unit!  Video walkthroughs of Setup Wizards are also available on our YouTube channel, making setup even easier.

Big Features without a big Price

Along with the flybarless control from the SK 720,  the 540 keeps a number of functions that made the SK 720 a market leader for features in a single unit:

Integrated Governor

Your heli’s setup is simplified with the SK 540's integrated governor.  Simply plug your RPM sensor into the IO-C port, enter your gear ratio into the SK 540 software, and set your RPM values.

Quadcopter Compatibility

Quadcopter pilots get a compact and easy to use flight control solution with the SK 540 – no soldering, no open circuit boards.  Just connect the ESCs, tell the SK 540 which way it’s pointed and fly!

Specs :

  • Dimensions: 29mm x 38mm x 13mm (1.125"x 1.5" x 0.5")
  • Weight: 18g (0.63 ounces)
  • Dual 3-axis MEMs gyros, giving stability and redundancy
  • 32-bit processor
  • Anodized and laser etched aluminum case
  • Compatible with DSMX, DSM2, DMSS,  Futaba SBus (without SBus adapter!), PPM and Traditional receivers
  • Easy to use Setup Wizards and compatibility with SK 720 setup files
  • Supports use as a 8-channel receiver core when used with Spektrum Satellites, Futaba SBus, or PPM receivers
  • Works with Digital or Analog swash servos, as well as high voltage servos
  • Suitable for 120, 135/140, and 90 degree eCCPM, as well as mCCPM swashplates
  • Works with 2,3,4, or 5 blades, with phase trim adjustable to ±90°
  • Swash Ring anti-binding algorithm
  • Internal swash mixing, for accurate control
  • Supports Spektrum radios with either 1024 or 2048 servo steps, and 22ms or 11ms frame rates
  • Quadcopter flight control (beta)

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